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Why buy British?


Quality of Merchandise
When you buy something made in Britain, you are typically buying a skilfully manufactured product that has well and truly been built to last. Although British goods can be more expensive than foreign imports, the fact of the matter is that British goods have an extra level of quality that you won’t find in products made overseas. If you want to invest in a tin opener or chopping board that will last for several years without the need for constant replacements, buy a quality item that was made in the UK.


Helping the British Economy
The act of buying British goods is great news for the UK economy. When you buy British, you are investing in skilled craftsmanship that has been handed down through the generations and better quality goods – whilst helping to secure the future for British manufacturers. Money spent on British products also filters through to your local economy and enables UK companies to invest in each other.


Carbon Footprint
UK manufacturing laws are in line with saving the environment and goods manufactured on home soil often have a significantly lower carbon footprint than those mass produced in countries abroad such as China and India. Although you might not see much of a difference yourself, your grandchildren will certainly be glad you invested in British made goods in the years to come! Of course, when you do buy British, those goods do not need to be transported half way across the world, which is also an enormous help for the environment.

Clear Conscience
Many goods imported from overseas are manufactured under appalling conditions. When you buy British, you can be sure that the people who have worked hard to make those products have been compensated fairly for their labour whilst working in a much safer and more comfortable environment. You can purchase UK made goods with a clear conscience – in the full knowledge that you are not supporting slave labour.

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