April 5, 2018

Lets get straight to it! Air Bubbles is the main difference, bigger bubbles in reflex and slightly firmer feel........also Reflex foam is a cheaper alternative to memory foam.

Air Bubbles in the foam hold heat! any mattress with the word "memory foam" or "reflex foam" will get hot even if words like "cool, blue, cold, miracle, gel in-fussed" in between the terms or before them in the description.

The world has moved on and you only have to look at the biggest manufactures like Sealy and Silentnight where once all the top models were memory foam or reflex have now been replaced by Geltex. 

Memory Foam Vs Reflex Foam

Memory Foam

Memory foam was first designed in the 1960s for NASA plane seats. The average memory foam mattress has millions of tiny holes, and air escapes from these as the foam moulds around the body. This action is activated b...

March 8, 2018

We see this phrase "Hybrid" so much in the bed world these days and its come from clever marketing, basically its a type of springs which could be open coil or pocket springs with 1 of many foams on top! but wait a minute haven't we allays had springs with some kind of topping?  yes! 15 years ago most company's were experimenting with new things and different layers on top springs, so its not a new concept.

The original Hybrid

The original hybrid was first brought out by Sealy in the uk around 2010, it was there pocket Geltex beds and to this day is the only true hybrid in my eyes as its the only one on the market that you put in place and never turn it over or around ever! it literally wont need that kind of care and is specially designed with lumber zones. the lumber zone have been designed so that a certain sections are softer allowi...

February 28, 2018

Memory foam is a visco-elastic product, meaning it is high in density and a low resilience foam.

How can memory foam benefit you?

"Memory foam primarily responds instantly to the body’s contours, providing the underlying support your body needs. Not only this, memory provides relief to your pressure points and improves your blood circulation- benefits that help you have a greater quality sleep." credit Sealy UK

Sounds great! well it was!

I cant sleep on memory foam! I will not sleep on memory foam! but my partner loves it! For me personally, my body is really good at keeping warm but as memory foam is closed cell structure which means it has billions of tiny air pockets that hold heat and increase my naturally heat, I find it unbearable!. My partner on the other hand is Freezing cold on a nice day. the memory foam gives her good heat circ...

February 28, 2018

Now there's a question! 

The answer inst as simple as a time limit as a top end mattress will last a lot longer then a budget mattress. the Question should be "when is it time for a new mattress?" that is somewhat easier to answer. The first and most obvious is when it becomes uncomfortable, This can be down to not getting enough back support of just waking with back pain.

My second point is a follow on from the first, has something happened to your body or well being since you brought your last mattress? as an example I was in a miner car crash (stopped me from playing golf for over a year). The crash had an effect on my lower back and left shoulder, my body very quickly let me know that the mattress i was spending 8 hours a day on just wasn't right  as i was waking with pain and taking pain killers to get me to sleep. I would point ou...

February 27, 2018

So here we go on my first ever blog, At the moment i run the website and have been advised to start a blog as its good for business.......so over the life of this blog i will discus the family business, which products we recommend and ones I'm not so thrilled about, But first a bit about me, I was born in Blackpool Victoria in 1986 and lived just down the road, next to Stanley park until i tuned 16. I decided to follow in both my Grandad's footsteps and join the army. Grandad Fred was a Grenadier Gaurd and followed the same path, however i joined the Scots Guards after a year or so i transferred to the Kings royal Hussars. I left the army just short of two years in after a few set backs with injury's. After leaving the army i was brought into the fold at the family business as a delivery man, after a few years my dad and uncle took th...