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A New Mattress takes time!

We ask all customers to give time to settle into a new mattress, as your body is gaining different support in new areas, also with the fillings being brand new it can sometimes feel firmer then in the shop and in the same way as a new sofa it can take time for a mattress to soften up a little bit, we suggest 3-5 weeks. Most new mattress have a new mattress smell, we recommend not covering the bed as soon as it arrives but leave it uncovered and give it time to air out. If you would like to return an item. it must be unopened and un-used, this is why we strongly recommend coming in-store to try the mattress first. When you send a mattress back you maybe charged for collection (£30), If we have removed your old item(s) we can not return it to you as most item(s) are disposed of immediately. If We have taken your old item(s) you may be charged the disposal fee of £45. Item(s) that are marked or in anyway damaged you will not receive a refund until after a review of photos. 


We will be in contact with a delivery time and date, If you not available you must let us know at the earliest time possible to re-arrange. If we attempt to deliver your items and you miss the 1st free delivery slot you may be given another free delivery slot, after the second free delivery slot is missed you will be charged. On Delivery the driveway must be clear, The hallway, stairs and landing must be clear of photos, ornaments and other items including nails/screws and light fixings. Your Driveway/path, hall stairs and landing must be completely clear. Berry's beds Ltd and Anyone who represents Berry's beds ltd is not responsible for any damage caused to your property if items have been left out/ in the way. However you may be responsible for any injerys caused be items left in the way

Old bed or mattress removal

Once an item has left your property, you can not reclaim it. old items are tipped at SITA the day of removal. We bare no responsibility for any compensation (money or replacement) if a mistake is made. It is the customers responsibility to state if a mattress/bed should or should not be taken. If we have collected your mattress/bed before delivery and the invoice is cancelled you will be charged at least £39 flat rate for man and van, £39 SITA fee. 


We reserve the right to cancel your order if there is an error with pricing online and instore

If you would like to cancel your order please contact us as soon as possible 

  • Fees apply if the item(s) have arrived into stock (up to 50% of order total)

  • Fees apply If you have had the old item(s) removed (start from £39, cost is worked out on how much removed)

  • Fees apply If you order and cancel repeatedly, This includes ordering and cancelling straight away. If this happens more then twice you will be charged an admin fee of up to 50%

Explanation of charges

If you items have arrived into stock we will have to cover the cost with the manufacture, This is why we can charge up to 50%

If you have old item(s) removed, Berry's beds will still have to cover the cost with the third party company starting at £39


If you order and cancel repeatedly we still have to produce invoices on each order as well as ordering items in, and arranging delivery's this is why a fee of up to 50% can apply 

To make a complaint Please send an email to the email must contain the invoice number a picture of the invoice if possible. A description of the complaint and a picture is if possible. 

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