We HAve Selected 2 mattress in a box for our website

Mattress in a Box is a very popular edition to the interent with many offring a mattress in a box with a free trial for example Simba double mattress £590 & Emma Double mattress at £540 a lotof the cost is based on the 100 night free trial, Often paying double the value. As we dont offer the 100 night free trial ours is ONLY £299(Shelly firm)


The ones we have seleted come in firm or soft

The Shelly (Firm) 

5cm of Gel Foam 

2.5 cm visco foam

Washable zip cover

22.5cm Deep


The Capry (soft)

2.5 cm soft Gel Foam

5cm Super soft Foam

Washable zip cover

22.5 cm Deep


Mattress in a Box

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