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Springs and fillings exsplained

With a little help from Sealy UK

Pocket springs

At our bed shop in Lytham we have a wide range of pocket sprung beds for you to try. In a pocket spring mattress, the springs are sown into individual fabric pockets. Each spring responds and adjusts independently to absorb and spread your weight, to give you zoned support and pressure relief. So if you cant find a good bed shop in preston who sell the best pocket spring beds come and have a lay down in our Lytham or Blackpool Bed shop

Open coil / comfort collection

The PostureTech spring system provides even weight distribution from the heaviest parts of the body. The spring provides a softer feel, which gradually gets firmer as pressure increases, without sacrificing comfort. The whole spring unit is twice tempered to set the springs and make them stronger. Smaller diameter allows more springs per mattress than conventional beds and increases the comfort life. Sealy & silentnight Boast the best type of open coil however Giltedge use the much loved Bonnell spring (the oldest and tried and tested) We have sevral of these types on display so if you cant find what your looking for at a bed shop in preston come and see us, as we are the only bed shop on the fylde coast who stock both Silentnight and sealy models 

Geltex / Laygel / Floatex

GELTEX® is an innovative combination of an extremely elastic gel and air-permeable foam. Under the brand name GELTEX® inside, this new material in our Geltex mattresses brings previously unknown sleeping comfort to everyone who truly appreciates the value of healthy sleep. Also know as Laygel, Floatex and igel. Not all bed shops in Preston will have a selection of diffrent gel type toppings so to be in no doubt pop in to our Lytham bed shop for the best examples of Gel beds


Innergetic latex is a brand of Latexco one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Latex components of the bedding industry. Latex has excellent resilience which moulds quickly to your body but has a natural ability to instantly recover its shape providing comfort and support with continual movement. Our Blackpool bed store has Latex models for you to try. We aim to be better priced not just on latex beds but all beds including what other bed stores in preston might have on display.

Memory Foam

A visco-elastic product, where the material molds quickly to the shape of the bodies contour and helps to relieve pressure points. Memory Foam provides correct underlying support and more natural spinal alignment. Memory Foam is not recommended for farm sleepers as it is a very good heat insulator  


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