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What's  the Difference?

Choosing a new bed can be a nightmare in its self, A mine field of what's best for you, spring counts and toppings. We are going to make it as simple as possible, here goes!

  • Open coil = Wire System - Easy to produce - Cost effective

  • Ortho pedic = Firm

  • Posturpedic = Sealys own spring system - Good for Posture

  • Pocket springs = Individual nested springs inside its own material case

  • Pocket spring count = higher the number higher the price - higher then number more indervidual support

  • Tufted = buttons in the mattress - makes it firmer

  • Quilted top = no buttons on top - flat sleeping surface

  • Full Foam mattress = Basic foam - Low end

  • Hybrid = Fancy rebranding of something mattress have done for years (layer on top of springs)

  • Memory Foam = Cushioned layer  - Can be Hot - can sink

  • Latex Foam = 2 types - Natural is Great - Synthetic is Good - Long lasting - Can be Warm

  • Gel Foam = Cushioned Layer - Good For Pressure relief - Coolest Foam

  • Foam encapsulated = Foam Layer around the edge of mattress for better edge support

  • No turn = Don't turn the mattress over - Just rotate

  • Turnable/Reversible = Turn over regular  

  • Hassel Free = No Turn No Rotate 

  • Best For Side Sleepers = 74% sleep on their sides so not really a feature rather a selling point to the majority. Source

  • Best for bed steads(mattress) = makes no difference 

We're here to help, We have a small questionnaire available for you to fill out so we can help you choose a new mattress or bed. Alternatively you can request a call from a member of staff.

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