Gel 1200 Luxury Double Divan


This is one of the most advanced mattress on the market and it doesn't cost the Earth! Its not memory foam so you don’t have to worry about it being warm, it has an encapsulated foam edge so you can sleep right to the edge of the mattress without feeling like you will roll off. The Gel layer provides optimal body support and amazing pressure relief.



1200 Pocket Springs
Generous 5cm Layer of laygel
Tape edge for extra support
Encapsulated mattress
Laygel is our Geltex/Igel equivalent. It has a similar feel to Geltex but without the price tag. It has an almost zero-visco elastic threshold. This means it doesn’t rely on heat to mould like Memory Foam.

Laygel moulds to the body but unlike Memory Foam it does not rely as heavily on heat to fully mould, meaning it does not get as hot as Memory Foam. Due to this it also returns to it’s original shape much quicker, meaning you’re not left with a indentation on your mattress as it returns to form. Memory Foam is often criticised for people who roll over during the night as they often get stuck in one position as its slow to react.

Mattress Depth 24cm
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year(s)
Spring Type Pocket Springs

Filling Type Gel Foam

Comfort Level Gentle

Manufacturer Giltedge Beds


The Gel layer is the most popular option at the moment. It is presentend with a diffrent name by each maufacture and is now as Geltex igel laygel floatex 

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    Included is the mattress and base, unless it states headboard in titles the headboard is not included

  • Price includes Divan Base and Mattress

    Price is for base and mattress drawers and headboard are extra unless stated