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A New Mattress takes time!

We ask all customers to give time to settle into a new mattress, as your body is gaining different support in new areas, also with the fillings being brand new it can sometimes feel firmer then in the shop and in the same way as a new sofa it can take time for a mattress to soften up a little bit, we suggest 3-5 weeks. Most new mattress have a new mattress smell, we recommend not covering the bed as soon as it arrives but leave it uncovered and give it time to air out. If you would like to return an item. it must be unopened and un-used, this is why we strongly recommend coming in-store to try the mattress first. When you send a mattress back you maybe charged for collection (£30), If we have removed your old item(s) we can not return it to you as most item(s) are disposed of immediately. If We have taken your old item(s) you may be charged the disposal fee of £45. Item(s) that are marked or in anyway damaged you will not receive a refund until after a review of photos. 

Guarantee & warranty


All Beds, Mattress, Divans, Frames and Headboards come with a standard 1 year Guarantee.


Please take a few minutes to read the following guide on how to care for your bed to ensure it continues to provide a great night’s sleep, every night, for a very long time to come. Sleep extras To maximise the quality and comfort of your sleep we also recommends the use of cotton bed linen, which will help regulate your body temperature. Equally,


Professionally cleaning your mattress will void your warranty/gaurantee. Your new mattress is not meant to be treated with chemicals and/or be saturated with water. You may irreversibly damage springs and encourage rusting which may lead to week joints and result in spring protruding, leading to serious injury. Your mattress may already consist of anti-flammable chemicals and we do not know how they may react with cleaning/disinfection liquids. We strongly suggest using a mattress protector at all times. If you have your mattress professionally cleaned Berry's beds LTD do not accept any responsibility for injury(s) sustained and/or fire safety failure.


We recommend that you choose a pillow with natural fillings, which will actively cradle your head and neck to provide superior comfort, support and pressure relief.


Do remember to invest in a good quality mattress protector to ensure a fresh and hygienic night’s sleep.


Upon delivery Your mattress and/or topper may have compressed slightly during transportation. This is perfectly normal and it will soon resume its natural shape and size.


Once unwrapped leave the mattress uncovered for a few hours to let it breathe.


You may notice a slight odour after the mattress has been taken out of its plastic packaging.


The natural fillings will occasionally release a smell but it is no cause for concern. It will dissipate once the mattress has been well aired.


Bed Care Guide


By taking regular care of your bed in your waking hours, you can be confident that your bed will continue to take care of you while you sleep.


Use a suitable supportive base If your mattress is intended for use on a different base, other than the same base tried in store, then the level of final comfort and support could vary.


We recommend that you do not use a new mattress with an old divan base or an old bedstead, which incorporate a sprung-system (either metal springs or sprung slats). An imperfect base, with a worn and tired sprung-system, will provide a reduced level of support and could result in premature mattress wear and invalidate the guarantee.


Where a bedstead with a slat system is being used, ensure that the slats are not more than 7.5cm (3 inches) apart. If a wider gap exists between the slats, it is recommended that a ‘bedstead mattress base’ be used between the slat system and mattress. Failure to take such action may result in premature wear on the mattress.


Divan base care Your divan base may have drawers – these drawers have been designed to accommodate lightweight items only, such as pillows, bed linen or clothing. Please do not overload the drawers, as excessive weight can result in damage to the runners and may cause the drawers to jam. We recommend a maximum weight of 20kg per standard drawer, or 7kg per continental drawer.


From time to time you should also check that all screws for castors, feet, linking bars and the headboard are secure to avoid undue strain on the divan base.


Mattress protection We strongly recommend the use of a good quality cotton or wool-faced mattress protector under your bed linen to protect your mattress from spills and stains and to promote hygiene – avoid plastic based non-breathable types or any other form of plastic sheeting as this will tend to trap condensation and risk potential mould growth. Failure to use a mattress protector could invalidate the guarantee.


Expect body impressions Most people tend to sleep in the same position on their mattress every night. Body impressions are therefore a normal occurrence and a positive indication that the generous amount of upholstery fillings used in mattresses and toppers are conforming to your body’s unique shape, weight and sleeping pattern. These upholstery fillings will settle and dip in the area where you sleep, which can leave a ridge in the centre of the mattress (this will be more noticeable in larger mattresses). Your mattress must be rotated and turned as indicated below to minimise body impressions.


Shake and plump a topper or zipped topper at the same time as rotating and turning your mattress to minimise body impressions. Rotating and turning your mattress In the case of Seasonal Turn mattresses, rotating and turning the mattress over periodically will encourage the upholstery fillings to settle more evenly. It is recommended to rotate and turn your mattress once a week during the first 3 months and thereafter with the seasons.


Warmer and Cooler sided mattresses – After the first 3 months of rotating and turning your mattress you should choose which of the warmer or cooler sides best fits with the current season then rotate monthly thereafter and turn twice a year.


One-piece dual tension mattresses – You should turn them from head to foot only, in order to maintain your correct sleeping side.



No Turn and Pillow Top mattresses – Simply rotate your mattress end-to-end once a week during the first 3 months and thereafter with the seasons.


Zipped mattresses – In the case of zip and linked beds please unfasten the mattress before rotating and turning.


Handling your mattress – Never attempt to fold or roll your mattress, even for a short period of time. Your mattress is designed and constructed for use only in a flat position. Please always store your mattress in a flat position. This also applies if you are transporting your mattress, for example when moving house.


Warning – You should not attempt to turn or rotate the mattress by yourself. We recommend that you seek assistance. Apart from the risk of personal injury to yourself, you also risk damaging the pocket springs should you bend or roll the mattress. This would invalidate the guarantee.


Warning – Do not use the handles to lift or carry the mattress. The sewn on handles are intended to help rotate and position the mattress while lying flat on the divan base. Handles sewn to a mattress are not designed to support the full weight of the mattress and you would risk damaging the border upholstery. This would invalidate the guarantee.


Berrys beds and our manufactures take no responsibility for faulty items used on your mattress, Mattress protectors and electric blankets are the customers responsibility and a faulty product which damages your new items from us is not covered under our guidelines. If damage is caused by a faulty electric blanket and/or protector the customer should seek help from the suppler of the faulty item.


Airing your mattress and topper It is important to let your mattress breathe to allow body moisture to dissipate.


Air your mattress on a weekly basis – simply leave the bed linen turned back for a few hours each time and allow air to circulate around and through the mattress.


Cleaning your mattress Clean your mattress every other month with a soft brush to keep it clear of dust and fluff – do not use a vacuum cleaner as this will unduly disturb the upholstery fillings.


Treat spills and stains immediately using dry towels or paper towels. Do not use detergents or chemical cleaners as this may bleach or damage the fabric.


Mattress usage In order to maximise the consistent shape and support around the perimeter of your mattress please do not sit on the edge of the mattress. 


Please do not stand on your bed or allow children to treat it as a trampoline – this applies equally to the mattress and the divan base.

Ottoman base are gas lift operated, If your gas lift ottoman strut fails contact the shop immediately and do not use the ottoman, Do not sit or climb on top of the ottoman while it raised. do not get in the ottoman. please not the manufacture of the ottoman and Berry's beds Ltd take no responsibly for any injury caused from using the ottoman in an unsafe manor. Please not the manufactures margin of error when bases lining up is 30 millimetres (base line up, Over hang top and bottom) also consider same base wont line up square due to an uneven surface  


Do not remove any sewn-in labels – these contain care, quality and content details vital to the guarantee.


Silentnight & Sealy extended warrentys can be found at the following 


Sealy UK



Old bed or mattress removal

Once an item has left your property, you can not reclaim it. old items are tipped at SITA the day of removal. We bare no responsibility for any compensation (money or replacement) if a mistake is made. It is the customers responsibility to state if a mattress/bed should or should not be taken. If we have collected your mattress/bed before delivery and the invoice is cancelled you may be charged at £39 flat rate for man and van, £39 SITA fee. 

To make a complaint Please send an email to the email must contain the invoice number a picture of the invoice if possible. A description of the complaint and a picture is if possible. 

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