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1200 Luxury

This mattress has been the choice of many, including are own staff, John, Ray and Simon all have this mattress. 

This mattress features a 1200 pocket spring unit with multiple fillings with a top layer of Gel foam. It has has an extra layer on the edge to give great edge support. This mattress 1st came to us many years ago, we worked with the manufactory to make improvements to suit our customers. " I brought this mattress as I have young children who still like to sneak into our bed at night, this mattress allows me and partner to sleep to the edge of the bed without feeling like were falling out when we need to make space for them, the pocket springs and Gel drastically reduces the motion transfer so the kids don't wake us. We have had a memory foam in the past which was far too hot, we don't get hot with this one and my wife can use the electric foot blanket during the cold winter nights" John told us. This mattress is a medium feel mattress.

1200 Pocket Springs - Generous 5cm Layer of laygel - Tape edge for extra support - Encapsulated mattress - No turn mattress


The bronze is popular choice for people looking for something a little bit firmer, Its traditional in the way its made with pocket springs. It features tufts which are there to give this mattress extra firmness. It's a two sided mattress which needs turned regularly. The pocket springs stop motion transfer and allow the sleeper to get undisturbed nights sleep while still receiving the maximum amount of support

1500 Bronze

1500 pocket springs - Reversible mattress - 4 way stretch fabric - Luxurious fillings - Hand tufted finish for extra comfort - Mattress handles


1000 comfort 

This mattress has bee designed to suit as many different sleepers as possible. it features 1000 pocketed springs for individual zoned support, A layer of memory foam moulds to the shape of the body for complete head to toe support which you sleep on during winter and helps keep you warm, the winter side features a cooler reflex foam while still giving the effect and feeling of memory foam. Micro quilted finish gives a luxurious and well balanced sleeping surface
 without any tufts. As dual seasons mattress with a turnable summer and winter side it helps combat the warmth that memory gives off. Coolmax mattress cover helps control body temperature with a Medium / Soft feel feel

1000 Pocket Springs - Memory foam layer - Reflex Foam Layer - Duel Season 

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